Ummmm, Where is the Kickstarter, HB? 



The original plan was to have the Kickstarter up and running by early to mid-April, but the best laid schemes o’ mice and men… 

I want to make sure that the animation is as clean as possible before launch. What I had animated was not quite where I felt it should be, so I scrapped it and started fresh. A big part of the issues I was having were specifically related to the things I am trying to raise money for in the first place. The lighting was just bad. No way around it. Also, the slightest bump to the tripod throws off the shot and hours worth of work. I do not have sandbags yet to hold the legs steady. During the shoot, the tripod would naturally settle which would throw everything off just enough to make a few pops and twitches. I will put a quick test animation I did back in February at the end of this post to show the lighting and “twitching” that I am referring to. 

What does all of this mean?

This means that there will be a delay in the launch. I don’t intend on the final product being subpar, so I certainly do not want my fundraising demo to be less than impressive. Please be patient with me a little bit longer. I promise, it is getting there and what I put up will be the best version I can muster with what I am currently working. Thanks for sticking by me folks.



Quick animation/lighting test from February of one of the characters, Mr. Mortimer Archibald Washington.


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