Trace has Arrived & Ahead on the Heads

As soon as Kickstarter wrapped on August 1st, I ordered the supplies needed to get this thing going. It was animation nerd Christmas. I also took the opportunity to take a week to relax before free time becomes extinct.

So far, I have two completed final head sculpts, Garon and Bombala, and two partially finished heads, Lysa and Quentin. I also finished sculpting studies for Trace and will start her final head sculpt and Sydney’s by Tuesday. I had given myself a week per head since the head is so key. I have, so far, managed to finish well ahead of schedule, and ahead is where I would like to stay!

Other than that, there is not alot else to update. I will post pictures of the master head sculpts when I finish all six of the main cast. For now, look at this rough sketch of Trace.


Trace Rough Sketch 1


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