Still Looking for Extra Hands


Hi everyone! I am still on the lookout for some help with the fabrication of all of these puppets, props, and sets. I can do it on my own if necessary, but that will throw off the release date of LGBTQueerstory. I am also busy putting together all of the rewards for my Kickstarter contributors which cuts into fabrication time for show whatnots. I want to make sure that the contributors receive their rewards in a timely manner. After all, were it not for their financial help, this would not be happening right now at all, so that is a top priority for me. While a postponed release date would not be the end of the world, I would much rather stick to the schedule I have outlined. SO if any of you would like to help out or know of someone in the San Francisco Bay Area who would like to volunteer to help build some stop-motion magic, shoot me an email at It is a helluva lotta fun!

Having said that, everything so far is looking great! The characters have character. They are all unique and are really starting to come alive. The original head sculptures that will be molded and reproduced for the main cast are all sculpted. The wire skeletons (armatures) are all built. Ball and socket armatures ended up being WAY too expensive for me right now. I have four of the foam muscle build ups complete. I just need to finish off Trace and Quinten. I have also finished the paper puppet versions of the gang which I couldn’t be happier with. Once the puppets are all built up, I will focus on sewing their tiny wardrobes and plop out most of the props. This is all, again, peppered with breaks to work on Kickstarter rewards.

Lots of exciting things going on here. Shoot me an email if you want to get in on it.



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