Holly Jolly Hairless Bufford

Hey everyone! Just wanted to send out a quick update before getting sucked back into the whir of my new day job (graveyard actually), life stuff, holiday festivities, artist soliciting, and clay slingin’. I thought the help I had wrangled for this project would have stuck it out longer, but that has not been the case so far. I try to explain that you MUST have a love of stop motion to be able to handle the volume of tedious, monotony that goes into making one of these things happen. For example, I can spend four hours doing nothing but cutting up quarter inch wide strips of fabric that the puppets are built up from. Sort of like layering strips of newspaper when doing paper mâché. It isn’t instant gratification and one puppet can take weeks to make, but that’s why the end can be so amazing. A TON of time goes into all the prep work. Having said that, things have slowed a bit on production while I am working it solo. I am still shooting for the same spring/summer 2015 release date and am confident that once the holidays are done, I will have an easier time finding help. I have two weeks off from my day job and am whipping out as much stuff as I can in this time and replying to back logged emails. I have been, up to this point, working under the optimistic assumption that some help would spring up and stick. Going forward, I will have to treat this as though I am doing it alone if I am gonna stay on schedule. Again, I’m hopeful that once the holidays pass, help will be easier to find. Having said all of that, I am happy with what I am churning out and will post some pictures by the end of next week.

I hope you all have a pleasant holiday season, be safe, and take care until next time!



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