Music Licenses and Marriage

Before I started this project, I had never sought out music licenses. The only project I have worked on where it was needed, someone else handled it. Part of how I am making this series on such a small budget is doing most of it myself. I’ve personally taken on everything from concept and character design, script and storyboard, set and puppet building, and lighting and animation. Now I have added the task of obtaining music licenses. Exhaustion, thy name is Preston.

The past couple of months I have been going through the grueling process of trying to obtain the proper music licenses for the handful of songs I want to use for LGBTQueerstory. I won’t lie, it has been nightmarish. Several are impossibly out of my price range. I knew that would be the case from the beginning, so I was prepared for that. Others are affordable, but they are exclusively for internet videos. I need to send out dvds, so that’s out. The majority of the songs that I need were originally produced in the 1950’s-1970’s, have had their copyright bought and sold repeatedly over the years, and are, at least so far, impossible to track down ownership on. I followed one song through six ownership swaps until it disappeared at Universal Music. Universal said they do not own the track. The search continues.

I do have one musician lined up to compose 3 original pieces. I also have a singer on board to be the singing voice of one of the characters. I also found music that I can use if my first and second choices fall through. I promise it will not be me with a kazoo. I really want to secure some music by more artists in the LGBTQ community. I am, right now, focused on seeking out music not by gay men. Part of the point of this project is to highlight diversity in our community. I’m not not looking for or accepting music from gay guys, but it is not what has my attention right now. So if you are a musician who wants to be part of this, email me at If you are an artist that I have already emailed directly, thanks for taking the time to come check out what I am trying to do.

Thanks for letting me whine for a minute.

Positive note, I recently got engaged to my boyfriend.

Tired and happy,

UPDATE: After searching the internet from one end to the other, I think I FINALLY found an actual, workable, affordable, Plan B for most of the musical gaps I’ve been trying to fill. Still trying to license a couple of specific tracks and am still getting the ones I mentioned before, but now I at least have a Plan B for the rest of the needed music. Mountain of confusing stress begone!


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