Meat and Tators and Bears

Long time no post. I am terrible when it comes to social media. It is a combination of being too busy to remember to update everything, too old to keep up with which outlets are currently relevant, and a firm belief that no one cares (and no one should) if I cut strips of foam for hours on end or bought a new tiny paintbrush. So instead of updating that I spent several days trimming and sanding the flashing off of an army of tiny molded liquor bottles, I prefer to wait until I get some meat and tators to serve you up. So here is a tiny helping.

I have been getting a TON of stuff wrapped up on LGBTQueerstory. Major fabrication is basically done. Now, the focus is on creating the cast of historical and influential people that each episode will be focusing on. For all the episodes, that is a total of about 70 character puppets. I become equally excited and lightheaded every time I see that number. It’ll be fine though. I love the challenge. Everything is still on schedule for a summer release. I am so ready for the shooting to get underway.

In other Hairless Bufford news, I will be putting the Queerstory gang aside this month to work on an animated micro film for part of the end credits of Bear City 3. Big thanks to Vincent Snyder for setting me up with that! It could not have come at a better time. I love the LGBTQueerstory project, don’t get me wrong, but I have been staring at the same stuff for over a year now. I could use a slight breather from the history project to get the creative pot stirred back up. This bear animation will be fun and simple. Who doesn’t love fun and simple? So yea, check back later this month for new additions to the LGBTQueerstory photo gallery and a few shots from the BC3 mini, “Hey There, Honey!”



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