Thanks for All the Fish

I have struggled to get this gay history project off the ground for a couple of years now. I started out not just optimistic, but thrilled to be working on a project I believed in. The upmountain fight that this project has been from the beginning coupled with personal life stuff that I have been dealing with has helped me reach the decision to shelf LGBTQueerstory until I have the time, resources, manpower, and will to finish it. I would rather finish the project the way it can and should be done than shove out a garbage sack of animated shorts that I don’t want my name on. That is the bottom line. Right now, it is just not an option. I will update when there is more news, but I will not be mentioning it again here until that time. I am going to take a break now to regroup and figure out what next steps are. Thanks to everyone who initially contributed to the project. I apologize for how things have turned out. I will let you know, like I said, when there is new news.

So long for now,


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