We Got Short Shorts

I have started pre-production on two new, original shorts, “Pain of a Complete Breakfast” and “Presenting Gus”, to get me back into the swing of animating. I have spent so much time building, sculpting, calling, emailing, and beating my chest while wailing into the void (who’s being dramatic?) that I have not had time to do any actual animation. I did, recently, do a 13 second short for the end credits of Bear City 3 entitled Hey There, Honey. That just made me want to do even more animatin’ to knock the rust off. That is what I am going to do. This was just a quick post to update what is going on and whatnot.

Oh, also I have taught myself needle felting so I can use some plushy looking puppets. These are my first 2 attempts at needle felting. First try, I made Klaus Nomi, like ya do. Second try, I made Burt Reynolds. I am currently working on try number three. We will see how that one turns out.



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