Still Looking for Extra Hands


Hi everyone! I am still on the lookout for some help with the fabrication of all of these puppets, props, and sets. I can do it on my own if necessary, but that will throw off the release date of LGBTQueerstory. I am also busy putting together all of the rewards for my Kickstarter contributors which cuts into fabrication time for show whatnots. I want to make sure that the contributors receive their rewards in a timely manner. After all, were it not for their financial help, this would not be happening right now at all, so that is a top priority for me. While a postponed release date would not be the end of the world, I would much rather stick to the schedule I have outlined. SO if any of you would like to help out or know of someone in the San Francisco Bay Area who would like to volunteer to help build some stop-motion magic, shoot me an email at It is a helluva lotta fun!

Having said that, everything so far is looking great! The characters have character. They are all unique and are really starting to come alive. The original head sculptures that will be molded and reproduced for the main cast are all sculpted. The wire skeletons (armatures) are all built. Ball and socket armatures ended up being WAY too expensive for me right now. I have four of the foam muscle build ups complete. I just need to finish off Trace and Quinten. I have also finished the paper puppet versions of the gang which I couldn’t be happier with. Once the puppets are all built up, I will focus on sewing their tiny wardrobes and plop out most of the props. This is all, again, peppered with breaks to work on Kickstarter rewards.

Lots of exciting things going on here. Shoot me an email if you want to get in on it.



LOTS of Juggling

It has been a busy few weeks of juggling in my personal life. I was offered a new job. I quit my current job. And have been working in LGBTQueerstory stuff as much as I can during this time. Thank you cards are being mailed out by Monday. My apologies for the delayed send off to those of you receiving them. Things will be back to a manageable pace by the end of October. In fact with the new job, I am cutting 4 hours a day from my commute, so I should be even more productive in the long run. So yea. Good job me.

In other news, I am going to be getting help making this website up to code. Right now, it is pretty meh. I am clueless when it comes to fancying up this sort of thing, so I am enlisting my best pal Jessica to make it look good. So look for that in the coming weeks or months. I honestly have no idea how long it takes. The way I understand it, one must wait for the planets to align just so and dance backwards wearing a router on one’s head while singing “She Blinded Me with Science”. That or use Shadow Demon magic. The rules are unclear. Again, I do not understand these things. BUT it will be getting a much needed facelift in the near future.

That is all.

Armature Time!

So now that the studio space is totally set up and everything is in, it is time to knock out some puppet armatures. I am going to challenge myself to knock out 6 in 8 hours. We will see how it goes! By the end of the weekend I plan on having 6 bodies ready for costuming. Off and runnin’.


Trace has Arrived & Ahead on the Heads

As soon as Kickstarter wrapped on August 1st, I ordered the supplies needed to get this thing going. It was animation nerd Christmas. I also took the opportunity to take a week to relax before free time becomes extinct.

So far, I have two completed final head sculpts, Garon and Bombala, and two partially finished heads, Lysa and Quentin. I also finished sculpting studies for Trace and will start her final head sculpt and Sydney’s by Tuesday. I had given myself a week per head since the head is so key. I have, so far, managed to finish well ahead of schedule, and ahead is where I would like to stay!

Other than that, there is not alot else to update. I will post pictures of the master head sculpts when I finish all six of the main cast. For now, look at this rough sketch of Trace.


Trace Rough Sketch 1


Preston & Quentin

Thank you all so incredibly much for helping me get LGBTQueerstory funded! To Mr. Vincent Snyder, I cannot thank you enough (although that won’t stop me from trying) for hurlin me across the finish line! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Producer. You, sir, will be the most butt kickin’est puppet ever!

So there are still 8 days left for the Kickstarter campaign. If you have not yet donated, but would still like to, there is still time. Anything raised from here on will be used mostly for additional music and rental of the animation space.

Thank you all again! THANK YOU! I am going to go back to the celebratory impromptu dance party currently taking place in my kitchen. Thank you! LGBTQueerstory COMING SOON!!!

Passed the $2000 Mark Today!!

Thanks everybody! Last week I ran from Pride event to Pride event handing out flyers and shamelessly promoting LGBTQueerstory. I looked like an awkward 6th grader asking someone to dance at a Sadie Hawkins for the most part, but it was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to meet a whole lotta people.

I will be shipping off flyers to Austin, New Orleans, New York, LA, Portland, Mississippi, and Atlanta in the morning. I am lucky to have friends willing to help me spread the word in their cities. If you would like to help by placing flyers in your local hair salons, bars, bookstores, coffee shops, or wherever, email me at and I can send a flyer/postcard packet your way. Thanks again everyone for continuing to be so supportive! I really couldn’t do this without all of your help!

Thank you all so much!

Thank you all so much for making week one such a succuess! Big thanks to Towleroad, Queerty, and everyone else who have helped get the word out about this. LGBTQueerstory is already 22% funded thanks to all of your support. Going into this Kickstarter project, I didn’t quite know what to expect. I have run the gamut from nervousness to humility to excitement to pride and it is only the first week!! The overwhelmingly positive response, well, there are just no words. All I can say is THANK YOU!

This weekend will be my first big promotional push at San Francisco Pride. I will be out and about handing out flyers and goodies all weekend, Friday in the Haight and the Mission, Saturday in the Castro mostly, and Sunday at the parade. If you are at SF Pride and see me (I’ll be the guy in the orange beanie and beard), stop me and say, “Hello!”

There is still a little over a month left in the LGBTQueerstory Kickstarter campaign. If you are unable to back this project but want to show support, helping out by spreading the word through word of mouth or posting the link ( on social media is appreciated. With your help, we can make LGBTQueerstory a success. Thank you all so much!!



Quinten Bowery