Passed the $2000 Mark Today!!

Thanks everybody! Last week I ran from Pride event to Pride event handing out flyers and shamelessly promoting LGBTQueerstory. I looked like an awkward 6th grader asking someone to dance at a Sadie Hawkins for the most part, but it was a lot of fun and gave me the opportunity to meet a whole lotta people.

I will be shipping off flyers to Austin, New Orleans, New York, LA, Portland, Mississippi, and Atlanta in the morning. I am lucky to have friends willing to help me spread the word in their cities. If you would like to help by placing flyers in your local hair salons, bars, bookstores, coffee shops, or wherever, email me at and I can send a flyer/postcard packet your way. Thanks again everyone for continuing to be so supportive! I really couldn’t do this without all of your help!


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